Recognize Social Engineering Tactics

Scammers who use social engineering manipulate human feelings, such as curiosity or fear, to carry out schemes and draw victims into their traps. As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. What is critical in recognizing social engineering is to be wary of when you feel attracted to an offer, alarmed by an email or if something just doesn’t sit right.

Attention to detail is key in recognizing social engineering tactics. You’ll want to thoroughly check the sender’s address. Is it from the actual company he or she claims? Is the spelling of the domain correct? Hover over links provided in the body of the email. Is the URL legit? Read the language of the email carefully. Are there weird line breaks? Awkwardly-constructed sentences that sound foreign?

Additionally, know the typical methods of communication for important organizations. For example, government institutions will never contact you via email. When in doubt, call your healthcare, bank, or other potentially-spoofed organization directly.

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